ACG Group Companies

There are multiple companies under the ACG Worldwide umbrella. With the decentralization of operations, individual companies are able to provide undivided attention to their respective line of products yet work seamlessly together to offer customers end-to-end solutions. Besides ACG Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the companies that comprise ACG Worldwide are:

  • ACG Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd. - World's second largest capsule manufacturer (gelatin and cellulose) operating from manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, Shirwal, Dahanu and Indore
  • ACG Lukaps d.o.o. - Producer of empty hard gelatin and cellulose capsules particularly for the European market. Manufacturing facility is based in Ludbreg, Croatia.
  • ACG Pam Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of pharmaceutical machineries such as capsule-filling machines, tabletting machines and tablet tooling (dies and punches). Also offers candy-wrapping machines (in partnership with Theegarten-Pactec), tablet inspection machines (in collaboration with Proditec), and softgel encapsulation machines (in partnership with Pharmagel).
  • ACG Pharmapack Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of wide range of barrier packaging films for pharmaceutical, food and medical device industries
  • ACG Pampac Machines Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of packaging machinery such as blister packing machine, cartoning machine and end-of-line packaging machine
  • ACG Inspection Systems Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer and developer of hi-tech vision inspection solutions for packaging lines and other pharmaceutical applications
  • ACG Value Links LLP - Provider of world-class pharmaceutical, biotechnology and packaging solutions in India through partnerships with global technology leaders

Being a globally-recognized organization and one that serves the global pharmaceutical industry, ACG Worldwide is present in many parts of the world through its subsidiaries. Foreign subsidies include:

  • ACG North America - Based in New Jersey, US, ACG North America caters to Canada, Mexico and the US.
  • ACG Europe - Based in London, UK, ACG Europe caters to the western European countries.
  • ACG China - Headquartered in Shanghai, ACG China caters to the Chinese pharmaceutical market.
  • ACG Brazil - Based in Sao Paolo, ACG Brazil caters to the Latin American pharmaceutical market.
  • ACG Indonesia - With its base in Jakarta, ACG Indonesia caters to the needs of South East Asian countries.
  • ACG Bangladesh - Based in Dhaka, ACG Bangladesh is a newly-formed subsidiary to cater to the growing demands of Bangladesh's pharmaceutical market.