EOHS (Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety) Policy

We, at ACG Inspection Pvt. Ltd., are committed to protect & improve the Safety & Health of the personnel working herein and of the society where in we carry all our activities. We will ensure our performance towards improving safety & health by:

  • Creating awareness among all employees & service providers about the Safety, Health and Environment
  • Providing medical care to all employees
  • Encouraging all employees to use personal protective equipments
  • Understanding the organization's responsibilities towards Safety & Health of the society
  • Minimizing the pollution to prevent harmful effects on Social & Environmental health
  • Harmonious work environment for career growth of our employees and to achieve the organizational goals of Productivity, Quality and Zero Accidents
  • Identifying occupational hazards & environment aspects and implementation of necessary control measures

We will align ourselves to follow the principles in this policy to achieve safe & healthy atmosphere.