Carton inspection (Cart-i)

Carton inspection (Cart-i)

  • Cart- i is a camera system that scans the different stages of the carton-packing process and keeps a count of the number of blisters in every carton, the correct blister in the correct carton, the presence of product inserts and applicators, droppers and other such materials.
  • It also reads and compares barcodes and pharmacodes to prevent incorrect mixing of blister with carton during the high-speed packing process.
  • Can be taught in 4 extremely easy steps
  • Software equipped to take codes like 2D Datamatrix, PDF 417 other than barcodes and pharmacodes
  • Can achieve very small form factors
  • Can be linked to over 8 inspection points seamlessly


  • Performs 100% detection of pharmacode/ 2D on cartons and leaflets and OCV of printing details on cartons
  • Inspects code and batch printing details on the cartons and leaflets at the time of packing


  • Can interface with multiple cameras and the machine PLC to ensure a single point inspection and rejection mechanism at the time the product is on the cartonators