Label Inspection(Label-i)

Label Inspection(Label-i)

  • Label-i is an inspection tool for both, online and offline batch code Optical Character Verification (OCV) like Batch Codes, Pharmacodes, Barcodes, etc. and the code on sticker labels, leaflets and cartons.
  • Single shot inspection for overprinting and code for lengths of 90-100 mm
  • Best software routines for OCV available in the market with a highly user-friendly GUI
  • Works with the same efficiency for inkjet, stereo or thermal printing


  • Mulitable inspection target points can be inspected with a single camera
  • Integrates with blister packing machines, cartoning machines and other conveyors
  • Integrates with SAP for fetching batch details
  • CE Compliant


  • Scans product labels on high speed packing lines using morphological characteristics
  • Monitors quality on blister packing, cartoning machines, bottle and injectable filling lines, vial labels, syringe labels, bottle labels, shipper labels, medical devices and aluminium foil