Technical Support


ACG-Inspection – Synonymous with excellent service

At ACG, we place the customer first and find solutions for any issues that occur at customer site. Our strong Service team of highly trained vision system professionals helps us resolve problems promptly. Some of the staff have a career experience of more than 7 years in installation of cameras in the pharmaceutical industry.

Normally, physical parameters of drugs are checked by human eyes. With Camera Systems, the task is performed by cameras. The complex design, development and deployment of camera-based inspection systems make them an indispensable part of operations in a pharmaceutical production plant.

We also have a streamlined documentation for DQ, IQ and OQ as well as a detailed User Manual that gives clear insight into the issue through a screen by screen explanation of the teaching process.


Our professional team ensures that all requirements of our customers are evaluated and understood at the initial stage of the project. This helps us arrive at optimum technical solutions easily.

Technical Assistance

Our main focus has always been the customer. Our after-sales technical assistance aims to provide a holistic solution to hurdles, timely and valuable service throughout the lifecycle of the machine, integrated line solutions that comply with cGMP and regulatory norms and dedicated design and service engineers that meet the new requirements and work towards customer satisfaction globally.

Technical Training

Special technical training courses for machine operators are conducted by qualified ACG Inspection engineers. This helps our customers optimize their machine usage. Efficient maintenance, effective knowledge of machine operations, an easy and fast troubleshooting procedure and correct use of documentation supplied with the machine are some of the core areas of the course. Critical stations of the machine get special attention. Our customers can plan the training of their personnel in advance with the help of our training calendar. Hands-on training session at the customer site, assessment sessions of the trainees and an Attendance Certificate on successful completion of the assessment tests are some of the other highlights of our Technical Training Programme.

Change Part

The biggest challenge that our customers face is launching their products immediately in the market once all the necessary approvals are in place. At ACG Inspection, our job is to ensure designing and timely delivery of numerous change/ format parts for various kinds of output on ACG Inspection machines.

Instruction Manuals

Our Instruction Manuals for machines and attachments accompany the machine delivery. Easy-to-understand language, simple drawings and diagrams, electrical documentation, including functional drawings, I/O tables, PLC and microprocessor cards make the Instruction Manuals a must-have. As an option, they are also available on CD-ROM.

Validation and Calibration

Validation is the documenting of the trials and tests which prove a process that produces a product, complies with particular specifications and quality attributes. This means that all components of the equipment or plant used and manufactured are in compliance with the documented quality criteria.

ACG Inspection makes sure all its machines comply with customer requirements and specifications with the help of its certified quality systems, quality plans and procedures. Such stringent documentation and records help reduce the validation costs and times for the customer.

We also comply with customer requests for comprehensive package of documentation for on-site validation procedures.

Spare Parts

ACG Inspection ensures that work does not get hampered in case a machine breaks down. Recommended spare parts that come with the machine, rapid delivery of components that need to be replaced, SAP-enabled process that ensures lower lead times and quick replacements and minimum inventory levels of critical spares to ensure quick deliveries worldwide all help smoothen day-to-day operations.